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The ff. information are found on the Internet. Please exercise your own discernment when looking into the third-party links and resources. You can contact me if you would like to add your info here.

Please be sure to also visit the Babaylan Files Blog and search for more recent book recommendations there. That list is maintained by several babaylan-inspired women and is most current and up to date than this web page.


Babaylan Files Blog

CFBS Conference 2010

babaylan mandala I.I

Babaylan presented by Hiligaynon Nation
A brief telling of the ancient ways of the Babaylan, the Hanggab Chant and many other jewels of Hiligaynon mythology and oral traditions.

References to Babaylan and Baylan

babaylanfiles blog
where Jean Grier, Leny Strobel and several others are trying to bring about an online resource of books and other matters regarding Babaylan.

Babaylan: An Anthology of Filipina and Filipina American Writers
by Nick Carbo (Editor), Eileen Tabios (Editor)
Product Details

* Paperback: 336 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.25 x 6.00
* Publisher: Consortium Book Sales & Dist; (May 1, 2000)

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Babaylan Rising
by Aimee Suzara. Article at Pusod,

Babaylan Speaks

Babaylan Network Europe articles:

Banahaw Breeze Magazine

Balay Turun-an
the Central Panay School for Living Tradition of the Panay-Bukidnon

Christianity and Filipino Women

Hilot Links and Info:

Ina Inc. (Hilots & Healers)

Ina maintains a revolving door of healers, teachers, therapists and counselors. Ina embraces variety and differences with the common intent of love. All staff are trained as healers and clairvoyants while performing in their position as receptionist, manager, etc.

Filipino faith healers can be compared to any indigenous shaman, medicine man or woman. Before the advent of modern science and medicine it was the only medicine. It was the position of the babaylan or priestess and later the herb doctor. Modernization did not eliminate faith healing in the Philippines. It is equally respected as modern medicine...

Jodell Bumatay, Psychic Surgeon

Due to a series of car accidents and sports related injuries, I had sustained bone and muscle injuries, which would not heal. I had been in chronic pain for seven years and had a bone graft surgery and three bone surgeries until I began seeing Psychic Healers for relief.

In the midst of my own healing crisis, my Filipino Grandfather died and I began hearing his voice talking to me. Because he was a real person, I began to realize that my dreams and the teachers within them were real too. He has been a spirit guide to me and shown me many things since his death....


Women's Organizations in the Philippines(Babaylanism)

Women's Organizations, Philippines

Isis International Manila

St. Scholastica's College Manila, Institute of Women's Studies

Women's Action and Resource Initiative (WARI)

Gabriela: National alliance of women's organisations

Joey Ayala

Niki Adnyani - Spiritualist's Blog

A Filipina-born spiritualist, my talent is an expression of spirituality and art. I don’t have prior background on art. The lines and symbols just flow. Upon research, the symbolic nature in the drawing can be found in many ancient cultures like Aztec-Mexico, Inca-Peru, Kalachakra-Tibet, sunken continent- Lemuria, Crop Circles Phenomena, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao and Egyptian influences. Other gifts are clairvoyance and clairaudience. I give readings about the past and the future of an individual based on the interpretations of the drawings. After five (5) years of silence and pondering, I present my Art, where traditions lie on my spirit, my body simply follows.

Magic in the Philippines
a curious paper by Andrei Miller.
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Download and view as pdf.

Male Baylan
Exceprt...According to Filipino Rollie Santos, however, in the Philippines a different story emerges. There is a class of males called Babailan[correct term for males is "baylan", females are "babaylan'], ...

Metamind Publications Bookstore - Books and Videos on hilots, healers, psychic surgery

some titles:

Man of Light-The Extraordinary Gifts of a Great Healer:Alex L. Orbito by Rinaldo Lampis

The Gifts of the Spirit by Tony Agpaoa with Commentary by Harvey Martin

Spirits and Scientists: Ideology, Spiritism, and Brazilian Culture by David J. Hess

 A Short Spiritist Doctrine with Commentary by Harvey Martin

 The Christian Spiritist Commentaries by Harvey Martin

 Psychic Surgeon of the Philippines - VHS 1 Hour

 Nosso Lar - A Spiritual Home (A Spiritist Classic) by Chico Xavier

  Broken Images, Broken Selves - Stanley Krippner

  Spirit and Matter - New Horizons for Medicine by Jose L. de Azevedo M.D.

 The Gospel - Explained by the Spiritist Doctrine by Allan Kardec

Online Discussion Groups
  • babaylan discussion group at yahoogroups
    This discussion group is to serve as a part of which has been on the Internet as of 6/6/03. The Babaylan yahoogroup service is for all Filipino men and women and interested folk. This is to serve to bring about an online, group discussion between Filipino's all over the world so that they may explore, discover and recognize the spirit of the Babaylan in themselves, each other and in society.

    Here is a place to delve into Filipino mind process and spirituality. We are urged to recognize our relationship to, within and between the Mother(Daigdig) and the Father(Langit)and the cosmic Feminine/Masculine within and all around us.

    This is created from the burning desire to see healing of the Filipinos' individual and collective mind and spirit from the context of historical wounds manifested in psychological, social, economic and political ailments.

    This online discussion hopes to utilize modern technology as a tool to be a very small effort in the very ancient process of Filipino self-realization as individuals and as a nation.

    There are some guidelines that this group will go by. These will be disseminated upon subscription and as a monthly reminder
  • pagbabalikloob discussion group at yahoogroups
    Pagbabalik-Loob/Turning Towards Home is the discussion group about Undoing Colonial Mentality. :   This discussion group has been created to provide an online forum to discuss the body of works and the concepts of the process of decolonization for Filipinos (in the Philippines, in the US, or in the diaspora).
  • ProgressiveTimes discussion group at yahoogroups
    This e-Forum advocates a healthy, positive, intelligent and spirited discussion of many relevant issues that confront the Philippines today. This is a necessary process in today's global society so that well thought proposals and/or solutions to such problems can be implemented.
    Furthermore, this ProgressiveTimes Forum prayerfully hopes and innately believes that it can become the timely catalyst for an alternative media (cyberspace, radio, TV and print) to address the many concerns as well as to accelerate the education of all Filipinos whereever they are. A well educated citizenry can demand accountability and right governance from its leaders. With concerted action, determination and sacrifice, the Philippines will have renewed hopes and a great potential to become a better place so that Filipinos will not have to leave (the country) to live.

Philippine Women in Politics and Governance

A Celebration of Herstory: Women in Legislation, Women in Politics

Pilipinas' Position and Her Opposition
by Allyson Tintiangco
page from "Nasaan Sila, Reclaiming the History of Immigrant Pilipinas"
found in Maganda Magazine web page of Babae Ka, Malakas Ka, 1992

Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing and was developed at the Institute of Inner Studies in the Philippines by Master Choa Kok Sui, a man with a rare depth of knowledge relating to the human energy field. His research and refinement of Pranic Healing, which excludes the use of drugs or touch, has spanned more than two decades.

The Pulajans (Jungle Patrol)
Warrior references.

Whether you pray and meditate regularly or never, finding time for a retreat is not only for rest and relaxation but also for nourishing the soul. Taking time for contemplation and quiet refreshes you and gives your space for finding your Self. Here are some resources that I have encountered firsthand or just heard of.

Cenacle Retreat House

59 Nicanor Reyes St. Loyola Heights, QC
Tel. Nos. 434-6943 | 426-0663 | 426-0672
I used to live next door when I was in college. I attended early morning Mass there sometimes. Tranquil setting with a meditation garden.

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. MassachusettsU.S.A.
A world of yoga, holistic health and self-discovery in breahtaking Lenox, Massachusetts. Retreats, R&R weekends, courses, training. I have been here several R&R weekends with my husband, friends and by myself. A beautiful country setting.

John Pollock Renewal Center. Ateneo De Manila University, Loyola Heights Campus. Quexon City. Philippines. The John Pollock Renewal Center is the ideal place for retreats, recollections, prayer meetings, and Christian value formation seminars. It is situated atop one of the highest points of the Ateneo campus, thus offering sweeping views of the Marikina valley and of the hills of Antipolo. The Center is also well-appointed structure with 15 dormitory-type non-air-conditioned bedrooms with a total of 64 beds, common toilet and bathroom, kitchen and dining hall, three conference halls that can seat 25 to 65 participants at a time, and a chapel called the Sacred Heart. This one wasn't around when I went to Ateneo '80-81, but I have surely touched by retreats and spiritual settings created by Jesuit priests and would recommend this place and their programs.

Malaya Space. California, U.S.
As of February 2005, Christina Leano is embarking on a new experiment called malaya to explore the liberating possibilities of faith, spirituality, and social justice in the context of the Filipino/a American community. This will be a space for Catholics as well as all seekers to engage in questions of spirit and purpose. They are creating a workshop series that includes a talk by Nic Tiongson on Filipino Lenten practices. Email announcement reached me.

Omega Institute. Rhinebeck, New York. U.S.A.
Awakening the best in the human spirit. Omega offers more than 300 workshops, retreats, and wellness vacations each year. Just an hour's drive away from me in a beautiful country setting, remote, quiet and close to nature.

St. Scholastica's Retreat Center. Tagaytay. Philippines.
With serene chapels, gardens, and lots of fresh air, the Benedictine Resource Center is open to all Benedictine monastics in the Philippines and to lay men and women interested in Benedictine spirituality. Because the Resource Center is within the St. Scholastica’s Spirituality Center, those who want to make use of it will be assured of quiet days of prayer and study. Likewise, it serves the needs of the facilitators of those who conduct retreats within the Spirituality Center.  For reservation and other inquiries, please call 850-5439 (direct line) or 046-4131535 (Telefax). Referred to me by Mother Mary John Mananzan, OSB.

Dr. Alex Aronis. Angel's Hills. Tagaytay, Philippines.
Check out this resource for Christian retreats including a retreat for men. How to Setup.

Sr. Teresita Pamplona's List of Retreat Sources, Asian Desk. Numerous Christian retreat centers in the Philippines and around the world.

(Please email me to add your retreat center information here.)

Vice Consul Ronell B. Santos. Written in Pilipino, some historical accounts of the babaylan.

Sources on womens role in Philippine history, art and literature, 1590-1898
Milagros C. Guerrero
Historical comments by Spaniards is found in this text.

by Jaime C. Laya. Article on Pilipino moon and sun celebrations.

by: Mark Joel Velasquez
Article contains descriptions of rituals performed by babaylan.

Theosophical Society in the Philippines

Woman-to-Woman Babaylan Series: Giving Her Story for History
Documentary Series by Joann Natalia Aquino. Also see info about JNA's workshops below.

Women's Literature and Philippine Society
Erlinda Kintanar-Alburo
This paper explores how the women's literary tradition impinges on the issues of social development. The tradition that holds our attention now is that imagined or real continuity between the indigenous babaylan or spiritual leader and the modern Filipina writer who would find the umbilical cord in a union that transcends class and language.

Workshops, Pilgrimages and Learning in the Philippines

Mt. Banahaw pilgrimages.
See Banahaw Breeze Magazine online for leads. More info to come.

Pamathalaan Course
Please try to look for Pamathalaan workshops in Manila presented by Mamamathala. See also this link for an online lead. I am working with Mary Ann Ubaldo to get more information online regarding resources in the Philippines.

Balay Turun-an
the Central Panay School for Living Tradition of the Panay-Bukidnon, For leads try sources at the University of the Philippines Visayas. Also see these articles for more leads:

Workshops in the world.

Babaylan Network Europe

Contact: Mary Lou U. Hardillo-Werning, Schwalbenweg, 31 b, Frechen-Koenigdorf, Germany. D-50226.

Tel: +49 (2234)-965733; FAX:+49(2234)-965734.


by Jodell Bumatay West Coast, U.S.A.

Introduction to Psychic Surgery
Ongoing Healing Clinic OR Core Training Intensives

Baybayin Workshops, New York City area

Please contact Mary Ann Ubaldo by email or visit her web site at

Babaylan Emerging Apprenticeship and Mentoring Program at Pusod
(for directions and the latest info click to the Pusod web page of the Babilonia-Wilner Foundation.)

Babaylan Emerging Apprenticeship and Mentoring {BEAM} Program, for developing spiritual leadership through the exploration and practice of our Philippine indigenous, shamanistic spirituality and other earth-based world spiritualities. This is a minimum 3-year training. Intensives will be offered from time to time and is open to all regardless of race, gender, age.

Every Wednesday Night! 6-10 pm
* Workshops to be offered:
* Creating and Energizing Ritual Tools
* Creating Altars
* Leading ceremonies or rituals
* Honoring Directions and Elemental Spirits
* Ritual Chanting
* Ritual Drumming (including kulintang)
* Meditation and Contemplation
* Developing a daily spiritual practice
* Dream work
* Movement/Sacred Dance
* Divination: astrology, tarot, runes, I-Ching
* Energy work, Developing Intuition
* Other Expressive Arts: painting, drawing, journaling
* Rites of Passages
* Holy Days throughout the Year
* Discovering Goddesses and Gods from the Philippines and around the world

Please email Evelie Delfino Posch at for further information.
(for directions and the latest info click to the Pusod web page of the Babilonia-Wilner Foundation.)

More about Evelie Delfino Posch:
*Co-Founder/Co-Director, Mahal &Mac226;Kozmik/Ekstatik/EthnikMuzik,
*Musical Director, Bodhi-Gaia Ensemble, Metropolitan Community Church, 150 Eureka St, SF
*Musical Director, Spiral Dance Chorus and Band,
*Ritual Consultant, Ritualist/Singer: Spiral Dance, Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason; Techno Cosmic Masses, University of Creation Spirituality,
*Faculty, Young Imaginations,
*Liberty House Studios: Group and private music lessons
*Magic Spirit Music: Production, Consultation, Rites of Passage, Blessing Ceremonies, Sound and Music Healing (kulintang/bronze gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Drumming, Voice Overtones), Pranic Healing (Energy/Chakra Balancing), Intuitive Counseling, Spiritual Life Coaching

Baybayin Cards, by Bingbing Veloso.

Discover the Universal Wisdom within the ancient writing of the pre-colonial people of the Philippine islands.

In the Philippines, contact Ms. Veloso via email:

In the U.S., contact Mary Ann Ubaldo at

Spirit of the Babaylan,

Explore the spirit of the Babaylan within our communities. Topics range from Universal Wisdom within Filipino culture to cultivating babaylan spiritual leadership.

Babaylan Spirit Workshops 2004

  • Intro: Spirit of the Babaylan - Glimpse of the Roles of Power.
  • Brief Review; Universal Wisdom of Loob & Kapwa. Download flyer
  • Tapping Into the Power of the Babaylan for Growth and Advancement.
  • Babaylanism in the Modern World.

Please email me at

or at

d i w a
p e r l a d a l

Art Exhibition

Sino Ka Ano Ka San Francisco Babaylan

Spirit of the Babaylan: Open Art Exhibition
Exhibit Opening 5-7:30 PM June 2, 2005. Ongoing until June 24, 2005.
Kimmel Center's Commuter Art Gallery
New York City

Only 5 percent of the world's population has their own writing system. The ancestors of the Philippines had their own but with the coming of the Spanish and their philosphies of paganism the baybayin was not allowed to flourish and evolve into a widespread system throughout the archipelago and the baybayin was lost to progeny. Today, there are Filipino men and women bringing them back to us. Ironically, the works of certain Spanish chroniclers and scholars provide records for us.

Experiences with the baybayin can bring you closer to your Filipino roots.

Baybayin Workshops and Jewelry

Please contact Mary Ann Ubaldo by email or visit her web site at

Baybayin Cards, by Bingbing Veloso.

Get connected to your roots. Discover the Universal Wisdom within the ancient writing of the pre-colonial people of the Philippine islands.

In the Philippines, contact Ms. Veloso via email:

In the U.S., contact Mary Ann Ubaldo at

Baybayin Web Resources

Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network (ABSN)


A community of open forum academic exchange and discussion on the ancient writing scripts and writing systems of the Philippines. Get diverse perspectives on news and updates on the current situation of Baybayin(Alibata)scripts of today.

Baybayin Styles & Their Sources

And search Google for "baybayin" and "alibata" for more resources online.

May you receive this in openness and your life be enriched by it.

If you have any links and resources to share, please email me.


Ever out of Love.


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